The Haim sisters show their appreciation in fairly different ways

It’s hard to find character-focused female characters on TV shows portrayed positively, and so I can’t help but be a little sad about the direction of Leslie Knope. Had she expressed a strong desire to have children prior to the storyline, I’d certainly be more open to it. Her primary focus has been her career goals, most of which we haven’t seen her achieve or have been taken away from her. Also, three pregnancy storylines in less than a season does not fill me with hope - especially given the way the other two pregnancy storylines were handled.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! Have a wonderful birthday picnic - eat all the cake! I can’t wait for our summer holiday shenanigans (when we’ll be able to really bring Jessica Tree and Disco Campbell to life), and serenade each other with HAIM songs at our leisure. I’m reeeeal excited about that, and just getting to hang out with you properly - y’know, the way they did it in olden days. I also think it’s important that you should know that I got some weird ideas when making the middle gif. Like, would a Haim-Krasinski lip sync battle be out of reach? I feel like they should give you that for your birthday. It is a big one after all! Have a good one and I will see you soon. Love youuuu. P.S. Always remember, I think Nix said it best… xo


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