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Have you seen the fan made trailer for a hypothetical Fitzsimmons movie? It's on YouTube, you just have to type in Fitzsimmons movie and it should pop up. It's adorable and wonderful and amazing.

That was like suuuuper cute for the whole beginning and then when it changed gear I got suuuupes emotional. Wow. I haven’t watched certain bits for a little while and the “so it’s not because you’re afraid to talk to her” bit really got me. Such a lovely video. I can’t wait for them to come back and all the new moments now. 


Are you even real


Blake Mills - If I’m Unworthy

Off his second album “Heigh Ho” out September 16

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I love how Iain was like "Hey, don't just pin that on me" in almost the same way that Fitz was telling Jemma "Hey, don't put this on me!" in F.Z.Z.T when Jemma asks him if he's sure his device works.... Those two are just such cuties, on screen and off.

I definitely had not noticed that before and am now like wOW okay. That’s a good catch. Guh, they seriously are. I’m having trouble distinguishing between on and off right now and that definitely has not helped, lol!

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do you have any gif requests currently?

Yes, I have the Josh and Donna one I got yesterday. But I’m going to do that after the madness and chaos of Comic Con dies down. :)

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