Anonymous said:
have you ever gifted the scene of josh and donna after the second time they had sex??

i have but it was quite a long time ago. mine and some others are in here, but if there’s a part of the scene you’d want me to redo specifically i can bc i realise my gif quality wasn’t the best like when i did the one in that tag. 

make me choose:

anonymous asked: michael and holly or jim and pam?

not enough for me? you are everything.

Anonymous said:
i would cry if you were coming up the aisle because you are a wonderful human. being please have a nice day, and i hope you live a long happy life

i was gonna make a joke about how you’d cry for other reasons if that happened but then i remembered that i’d already made that joke on a text post and this is probably in relation to that and that would be embarrassing

live long and prosper, friend

heyyyybrother said:
obviously peter quill is the andy dwyer origin story. he ended up back on earth but can never reveal his past bc people would think he was crazy so he enjoys making subtle references to it like "i'm gonna have to be a robber."&he loves when he gets to be a robber again like when they steal the marriage license from city hall.he loves going into a character and having adventures. and he loves music so much that he plays in a band. he started singing to kids bc he wanted music to inspire them too.

the evidence is really stacking up

like, when he was supposed to be in london, he was clearly visiting xandar with peter serafinawicz’s character. like CLEARLY. he even said to april, “just remember every time you look up at the moon, i too will be looking at a moonnot the same moonobviously, that’s impossible.” because xandar and earth have different moons. seeeeeeeee. 


don’t you think it’s kind of funny that we have these characters with magical powers that go on incredible adventures and do amazing things and that’s really impressive but after a while we’re like “okay so what if they just owned a coffee shop. imagine them filing their taxes”

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