Anonymous said:
why is brad and janel's otp name baby powder mystery?

well i think alex’s tag on that post just about sums it up, hahaha:

#i was gonna say the last thing we had was the actual baby powder incident but then i remembered that we technically made that up 

basically right after janel had her baby, there was an interview of brad’s where it got interrupted by his dog otis coming in with his face covered in baby powder… and we were like “why does brad even have baby powder?” (that was the mystery part) and someone (maybe me? idek) jokingly connected the two events and it became a thing… it was kind of around the time that like the fandom was so tight that anything remotely amusing that anyone said just became a thing. it was fun.

hillaryrclinton said:
top 5 moments/pictures of otp: baby powder mystery


  1.  Number one is and always will be, lest there be something highly inappropriate in the archives, THIS.
  2. "The first thing they should do when they start cloning people is clone Brad Whitford. I think it should be a constitutional right that all women have one." BECAUSE OVERT DECLARATION THAT SHE WANTS A WHITFORD OCCURRING.
  3. Indulging Josh/Donna headcanon. (x)
  4. That time at the PCAs where they just giggle and such like. (x/x)
  5. Sassy political duo be cool.
  6. Richard playing third wheel. (x)
  7. CASUAL WEAR?! (x)
  8. That time they were randomly dancing in the most OTP episode of all of my OTP feels. (x/x)
  9. That time Bradley Whitford basically was Josh: “Actually when I find out she’s on a date it drives me batty. I’m happy married but I have to ask ‘What Hollywood loser has taken her out and got her liquored up.’
  10. We’d have to sit in these closets for the entire day with, you know, me in the back and Brad completely pressed up with the door shut.” SORRY WUT NOW.

Sorry, but ten was me being economic here. Also, preview of bunch of new photos Jess received tonight for more joy… (posting full size very soon!!)


“They’re completely in love. What’s great is Aaron Sorkin never wrote it as a romantic thing. It just sort of came out. We have so many scenes together…it comes across. Actually when I find out she’s going out on a date it drives me batty. I’m happily married but I have to ask ‘What Hollywood loser has taken her out and got her liquored up.”
— Bradley Whitford
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